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Our expert Emergency Electrical Maintenance team are available  24 Hours 7 days a week, 365 days a year to attend to your problems. promptly and competently!

Our Services

  • All types of electrical Project work (Indoor & Outdoor) & Project consulting.

  • New Connection lessening work.

  • Two Pole/Four Pole Structure erections, Substation work &commissioning.

  • HT/LT Poles, Lines erection & HT/LT Cable’s laying terminations

  • Manufacturing erection & commissioning HT. / LT. Panels.

  • Manufacturing all types of LED Lights.

  • ACB, VCB, OCB, Bus Duct panel’s installation & preventive maintenance

  • All types of Electrical Preventive maintenance &Annual maintenance Jobs.

  • Capacitor Bank installation, Testing & Checking

  • Machine panels installation, commissioning & charging.

  • Substation Maintenance & erection

  • Transformer erection commissioning &oil testing/Filters ion

  • Erection & maintenance of all types of Machines (Electrical/Mechanical)

  • Supply of Skilled/unskilled Electricians of man-days basis

  • Supply of all types of electrical items

  • Electronics devises fitting & attending breakdowns.

  • Installing EPBEX & telephone Network.

  • Video & electronic security installing

  • Mechanical work

  • Fabrication work


"Great job guys, keep up the great work!"  Pramod Karande

"Thanks to everyone involved and keep up the great work guys!"  Amit Gawade

"Quick and reliable service!"  Sagar Dalimkar

"They was came for fix the panel problem at 3:20am at night".. Sunil Patange

"Excellent 24X7 service"... Vijay Pawar

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